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Party Collection



New knits, outerwear and more to wrap yourself in.

Pomagranate Prints

Harvest Series Continues

We’re welcoming the spring season with the symbol of Oneness, Fertility & Abundance

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Winter Roses

Roses are sacred and the closest thing to love in tangible form. Our 320 MHz collection features feminine and timeless silhouettes with an effortlessly elegant feel and lots of rose prints!

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Winter Sale

Enjoy 50% off selected winter favourites!

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from Anatolian Local Artisans


Kutnu is a vegan silk fabric woven on handlooms by local artisans in Gaziantep. Kutnu dates back to the 16th century when they used to call it the cloth of sultans! Many Ottoman-era kaftans worn by sultans were made using the fabric and people all over Anatolia would aspire to own a kaftan made from kutnu. And now it’s the reign of goddesses!

Faraway x Marsel

Pomegranate, representing the best of abundance, is paired with sumac and raspberry. Enjoy our lokums and the Pomagranate Collection!

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