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“Half of life is lost in charming others.The other half is lost in going through anxieties caused by others.Leave this play. You have played enough." ― Rumi

When we look within and find our true selves will we understand that we’ve been looking for love, validation and acceptance in all the wrong places. Everything we need lies within us.

 Together, we can create a world where everyone feels free to express their authentic selves, knowing that there is beauty in embracing our uniqueness. When we prioritize self-acceptance, we can cultivate a genuine sense of fulfillment and love for all beings.

 Fashion, as defined by the dictionary means a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior. 

 Faraway is something different. I hesitate to call it a fashion brand because it goes against the ever-changing nature of fashion. Consumers feel pressure to adapt to these trends to fit in, often losing sight of their true selves in the process.

 Clothing, though a necessity, serves as a means of expression for individuals. It not only provides protection and adheres to modesty principles by covering certain body parts, but it also accentuates aspects of one's appearance. In this modern era, there is a growing emphasis on promoting individualism as a safe space. Being unique and different from others has become something to celebrate. Even those who prefer simplicity can assert their individuality through their choices.

 Conforming to someone or something else can diminish one's true self. Clothing serves as a means of expression, allowing individuals to be seen and acknowledged for who they are. It is an extension of their inner selves, representing their unique identity and individuality. 

 Faraway is about bringing it to a level that it is a form of art and a form of how we create in this world. Inspiration becomes abundance because when everyone is enlivened and activated to be creative to express their ideas, to be able to show the world who they are then the world prospers. The reality prospers rather than circulates fear that one is better than the other. Equality is recognized. 


 My aim is to change the perception of clothing and bring awareness to its transformative power. Colors, patterns, fabrics, dyes and accessories such as stones and crystals used on clothing all have transformative powers.

 The significance of color lies in its connection to the essence of our physical world. Color represents light, and light symbolizes energy. Energy, in turn, is manifested through light, making color a tangible representation of that energy. Within the realm of material existence, each color holds its own distinct qualities. Red, white, black, and gray, for instance, all possess unique characteristics that reflect different energies. Patterns, too, carry special meaning. They are essentially frequencies, and frequencies are transmissions. We use symbols that carry positive frequencies such as love, abundance, strength and fertility. 

Materials too of course have a frequency and we need to be aware of the frequencies we carry on us. At Faraway we utilize fabrics which allow for breathability, are embraced, while materials that stifle or suffocate are left behind. By delving into this realm of conscious awareness, clothing becomes a medium for expressing the next layer of our consciousness.  When an individual adorns themselves with a specific pattern, color, material, or a combination thereof, they are actively transmitting a subtle yet meaningful energy to the world.  

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