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Silk Queen Of Hearts Dress

Silk Queen Of Hearts Dress

Queen of Hearts Dress Silk Queen Of Hearts Dress


This dress is made using peace silk from Hatay's yellow silkworms.

Hatay, a city in southern Turkey, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and traditional handicrafts, including the production of hand-woven silk fabric using Hatay Yellow Silk. This unique silk is sourced from a special silkworm species native to Hatay, known as "Bombyx Hatayensis," thriving in the region's favorable climate and vegetation. The vibrant yellow color of the silk comes from the plants the silkworm feeds on, giving the hand-woven fabrics a distinct aesthetic appeal.
Crafting hand-woven silk fabric from Hatay yellow silk requires expertise and is a time-honored tradition in Hatay, passed down through generations. Skilled weavers dye the silk threads, then weave them into fabric on hand looms, creating durable, soft, and elegant textiles. These fabrics offer unique properties, such as breathability, temperature regulation, and a one-of-a-kind touch due to the handcrafted process.
Hatay yellow silk hand-woven silk fabric is a cherished part of Hatay's cultural heritage. This craft, practiced by master artisans for centuries, represents a fusion of tradition, artistry, and cultural significance, showcasing the beauty and craftsmanship of Hatay's traditional silk production.

The endemic Hatay yellow silkworm has cocoons that range from yellow to orange; it had not been sighted in Turkey for almost 40 years. In fact, the rare cocoon was all but extinct until Emel Duman finally located it with an elderly silk hobbyist who raised silkworms as a pastime rather than relying on them for his livelihood.  Emel says that she has always allowed her silkworms to break through their cocoons, and she has always used traditional methods when producing silk, with as little damage to the creatures as possible. She breeds the almost extinct Hatay silkworms she rescued and produces peace silk from their cocoons.

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Silk Queen Of Hearts Dress



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